5 Tools Everyone In The Tattoo Removal Industry Should Be Using

More and more people today are reconsidering the decisions they made in the past. This has led to a boom in the tattoo removal industry as people from all walks of life are looking for safe ways to remove tattoos without scarring their skin.

However, there are a few things that every tattoo removal practice needs to have in its toolbox to ensure they are providing the best service to their clients and are operating efficiently.

1. Q-Switched Laser

Today, one of the few safe methods that work in removing tattoos without scarring the skin is done with a Q-switched Laser. Q-Switched Lasers work by emitting energy pulses that destroy the ink used in tattoos without harming human skin. When these high energy pulses hit the ink, the particles that make up the ink break down and disappear.

There are two main types of Q-switched Lasers: Active and passive. Everyone in the tattoo removal industry should be giving preference to active Q-switched lasers. By passing energy waves through modulators, active Q-switched lasers are able to emit quicker and stronger pulse repetition rates than their passive counterparts.

2. Multi-Wavelength Capability

Whichever laser option you go with, you need to ensure that you are able to treat tattoos in a wide range of wavelengths. The reason for this is that different colored inks require different wavelengths to be effectively removed.

When removing dark inks such as blacks and blues, wavelengths above 1000nm are needed to effectively break down the ink. When treating brighter colors such as reds, yellows, and pinks, wavelengths just above 500nm are required. If your current machine is not giving you a wide enough range, you may need to consider upgrading or purchasing an additional machine.

3. YAG Laser

A type of Q-Switching Laser, the YAG Laser is one of the best tools to use when removing tattoos. Most lasers on the market work by emitting high heat energy pulses, or what are known as Photothermal pulses. YAG Lasers, however, use Photoacoustic pulses. Photoacoustic pulses are not only safer, but have been known to reduce tattoo removal session times to under ten minutes.

4. Fractional Laser

Although not traditionally used for tattoo removal, a fractional laser may be a great little tool to keep in your practice. Fractional lasers work by only targeting tiny fractions of skin at a time and are widely used in the treatment of scars, sun damage, and anti-aging.

A fractional laser can be used to treat scars that your clients have received from poor tattoo removal jobs done at other practices. You may also use a fractional laser to upsell your clients with further treatments such as removing skin pigment discrepancies, wrinkle removal, and treating scars left over from injuries.

5. PICO Second Q-Switch Laser Machine

Only made available on the market in the last few months, PICO Q-Switch Machines are already being heralded as a revolution in the tattoo removal industry. Promising to even surpass the popular YAG Lasers, PICO machines have the amazing ability to remove tattoos in less than half the number of sessions required with regular Q-Switch Lasers.

Where machines such as YAG Lasers emit pulses in the nanoseconds, PICO Q-Switch lasers operate in picoseconds. That is trillions of pulses per second, meaning you will be able to remove your clients tattoos faster than anyone else.

The more advanced and wide-ranging tools your tattoo removal practice has, the more services you can offer your clients and the more efficiently you can conduct safe tattoo removal. So make sure you have one or all of these tools working for you, so you can get to the top of the tattoo removal industry.

Legends and Mythology of the Dreamcatcher Tattoos

A dreamcatcher was a mesh that was artfully constructed by the Native American Culture. This mesh was believed to shoo away bad dreams and let you keep only the good ones. This mesh has been adapted into various tattoo designs that are believed to perform the same function. Read on to find out the mythology of these amazing tattoos.

As indicated, the dreamcatcher was started in the Native American Culture. The Anishinabe people created the device and indicated its purpose. These people lived at the border between the North Central U.S.A. and Canada. Anishinabe means “original people”. In America, they were also known as the Chippewa people while in Canada, they were also known as the Ojibwe people.

The dreamcatcher evolved from an object to a tattoo. The Native Americans held tattooing as an important part of their culture. It was viewed as a rite and a cultural activity. The dreamcatcher tattoo design is one of the most popular designs that the Native Americans and other people choose for their tattoos. It can be monochromatic or feature many attractive colors on it. Made up of a circle with beautiful patterns in it, the dreamcatcher is an iconic Native American tattoo. It also has a feather or a number of them on the circle.

The dreamcatcher was originally woven together by the women in the tribe. They decorated it with beads, gemstones, leather and shells. After weaving it, they would hang it above the baby’s bed, door or in the room. It was seen as a protective amulet and has evolved into a protective tattoo as well.

Today, people place the dreamcatcher tattoo in various places on their bodies. Some of the popular parts to place these tattoos are the upper arm, upper back and the shoulders. Ladies prefer having them as small decorative tattoos on their upper shoulders or necks. Their size and placement makes these tattoos elegant on them.

Some legends about Dreamcatcher tattoo

One of the legends connected to the Dreamcatcher tattoo is that of the Spider Woman. She was a magical woman who travelled across the lands of the Anishinabe people. Her purpose was to visit the cradles of the newborn babies and make webs with her magical powers. She would place these webs above the cradles to protect the little children from bad dreams and only allow nice ones to enter.

As the Anishinabe tribe grew and expanded, the people began migrating in search of more land. As a result, the lady was unable to reach all the newborn babies in time. To help her perform her work, the women in the tribe began making these webs just like the Spider Woman would. They made these web dreamcatchers to ensure their babies only had nice dreams and no bad ones. If the dreamcatcher would wear out, the women would make new ones to ensure their children had peaceful dreams at night.

Another legend is that of Nokomis the grandmother and the spider. A spider was spinning its web in a space right next to that where the grandmother slept. She would peer over and watch the spider spin its wed. every day she stared at it in amazement as it made steps to complete its web.

One day as she stared at the spider, her grandson entered the room. After seeing the spider, he shouted “Nokomis-iya” and rushed with a shoe to kill the spider. The grandmother stopped him saying “No-keegwa, don” hurt the spider.” The boy wondered, “Nokomis, why are you protecting the spider?” The grandmother smiled and kept silent.

After her grandson left, the spider decided to thank the old lady. It went and spoke to her saying, “Over many days you have watched me spin my web. You admire my work and today you have saved my life. In return, I will give you a gift.” After saying that, the spider smiled and went off spinning its web. It spun a beautiful web across the window and when the moon rose, the web shone silver.

When the spider saw that Nokomis was amazed by this web, the spider told her, “See this web, it will only let good dreams through. Bad dreams will get entangled in it and cannot reach you. This is my gift to you. Use it to get only good dreams and prevent the bad ones from reaching you.”

Why they are so popular in the USA?

These tattoos are so popular among the American people. One of the reasons that they are is the beauty of the tattoo. The circle with a mesh inside that only meets it at eight points is a beauty to behold. Moreover, these special characteristics are fundamental to this tattoo. They have been passed down through centuries of Native American tradition. Thus, when people get this tattoo, they feel like they have a part of a rich culture with them at all times. Thus, the dreamcatcher tattoo is popular for this reason.

It is also popular due to its meaning. The dreamcatcher prevents negative energy and bad dreams from getting into the wearer. As such, the tattoo filters the negative out of all energies entering the person. In the Native American culture, the good dreams drip along the feathers and access the children sleeping under the dreamcatcher. This is an interesting part of the dreamcatcher. Thus, to keep it alive, people get this tattoo and ensure that the feathers are either long and full or colored vividly to ensure that the positive energy and good dreams are flowing to them properly.

The Native American people are a creative culture. The dreamcatcher is one of the expressions of this creativity. As such, people who value creativity such as artists, poets and musicians get tattoos of dreamcatchers. They celebrate the creativity of the Native American people. Moreover, people descended from the Native American community often get this tattoo to celebrate their culture. It gives them a sense of belonging when they are among their own people. Moreover, when they are with other cultures, they are able to retain their identity.

The Dragon Mythology and Why the Tattoos Are So Poplar in the East

Dragon Mythology

No one knows precisely when human beings started applying body tattoos, but all historical evidence show that this form of art is almost as old as human civilization. Historians have also proposed that it is one of the earliest forms of art. If you think of tattoos, then one of the pictures that come to your mind is probably a dragon tattoo. Despite being very attractive, this tattoo is also one of the most widespread as it can be found in most cultures from East to West.

To understand why these tattoos are so popular, it would be significant first to comprehend the mythology behind the creature that forms the subject of this tattoo. A dragon has many definitions, but the Standard English dictionary defines it as a giant mythical and scaly serpent that usually has a crested head and also giant claws.

The dragon is represented differently in different cultures for example in the west it is described as a giant winged reptile that breathes fire. There are many mythical creatures across different cultures but very few if at all any can be found in as many cultures as the dragoon.

In the various cultures that the dragon can be found there is always a different perception of this creature. In the West, the Dragon is viewed as an evil or merciless being that brings destruction to mankind by burning homesteads and taking away livestock. It is also known to have a massive treasure hoard and people are always trying to find a way to steal the treasure from the dragon, but the dragon protects its hoard with all its might. However, in some cases the dragon is also perceived as benevolent and protective in the west. This dragons protected mankind from other mythical creatures and were also used in battles.

In the East, the dragon is viewed differently as it is not considered to be as evil as people in the West believe it to be. In the Eastern cultures, the dragon is perceived as a benevolent creature that aims at protecting mankind sing its supernatural powers. The eastern dragon is also quite different from the western dragon that adopts a primitive lizard look. The Eastern Dragon is a giant serpent-like creature with a long body and two sets of legs. In the East, dragons can be found in the Korean, Japanese and Chinese cultures. The oldest dragons in the East come from the Chinese culture, and they are most linked to religion. Buddhist temples are adorned with dragons in both carvings and paintings to show the special place they hold in this religion.

Legends behind dragon tattoos

Of all the dragon tattoos that you can have few if at all if any are as legendary as Chinese dragons. The ancient Chinese dragons are said symbolize cosmic energy and are a symbol of good fortune. Most people have these tattoos because they believe that it will bring them luck and make life better for them. Besides from this legend has it that dragons have an array of good qualities that will benefit your life. For example, they lead to infinite success, high achievements in life and prosperity beyond your wildest imaginations.

There are many legends surrounding these tattoos, but the Nine Dragons Legend is perhaps the most well known one. This is probably also the reason the nine dragon tattoo is very popular. The legend comes from the name given to the mainland overlooking Hong Kong; Kowloon. This area was named by a Chinese Emperor, who named it after the eight predominant hills in the area. After the emperor was forced to go into exile one of his loyal servants, so it was befitting to count the emperor among the regal figures in the area and hence the name Kowloon which means nine dragons was born.

Each one the nine dragons represent a particular characteristic and so if you have the tattoo you will benefit from the advantage that it brings. For example, the P’u-lao serves as a protector and will alert you to any impending danger. The Pa-hsia, on the other hand, is the provider of the strength. By having any of the nine dragons you will enjoy the powers of that specific dragon according to legend.

What makes these tattoos so popular in the East?

These tattoos are famous across the world but in the East they seem to hold a very special place. In fact when a person goes to get a tattoo the chances are that he or she is most likely to request for a dragon tattoo is they do not already have one. The main reason behind this is that culture and beliefs are more important in the East compared to the West.

Although there is no physical evidence of the existence of dragons in real life they are depicted as wise powerful and free creatures, and this also acts as an inspiration for people to have their tattoos. Stories of dragons have been passed down in Easter cultures for generations. These stories create a fascination with the younger generation, and this is what drives them to get these tattoos.

Unlike in the west where dragons are merciless creatures in the East they adapt the opposite characteristics with protection being one of the main things that they promise to offer human beings. Instead of getting any other tattoos most people will prefer to go for these tattoos that will also provide them protection against various types of dangers.

Dragon images look great on the skin compared to many other tattoos and so this is also one of the reasons that make it so popular in the east. Due to the nature and appearance of this tattoo it will look well on any skin regardless of its color and complexion. Over the years, tattoo artists have perfected the dragon image, and so you are likely to get a perfect tattoo when you have it.

This is normally very massive which gives it more appeal for people in the East who mostly do not like having very many tattoos on their body like in the West. Instead of drawing many tattoos on your body the dragon tattoo makes it possible to have one that covers a large area in your body.